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Paradise Views landscaping company
Background Info on Paradise Views Landscaping Contractors Mike Dasilva graduated in 2001 from the Landscape Technician program at Humber College. Prior to opening up his own business, he previously worked for other reputable landscape contractors, where over the years he gained not only practical experience, but also developed a strong work ethic.

Mike decided to go into business for himself. Although it was difficult in the beginning, he worked hard to establish a excellent reputation. He made sure to pay attention to every detail and make customer satisfaction his utmost priority.  Mike�s skill level increased with each passing year and at this point his work is considered one of the best in the industry, because he constantly strives for perfection. (Not something commonly found in most companies).

Complete residential commercial garden landscaping design build and snow removal contractors and landscape construction interlocking, flagstone, patios, retaining walls, seat walls, water features, built in barbecues, planting, driveways and walkways backyard and front yard residential landscaping commercial snow removal Providing premier services from highly qualified experts in the landscape industry landscaping, snow removal, landscaping design, landscaping contractors, landscaping company, residential landscaping, retaining walls, backyard landscaping, frontyard landscaping, garden landscaping, fences and decks, wood work, water features, Toronto interlock contractors, flagstone installers, patio design build contractors, Paridise Views Landscaping ensures that whatever we do for you, it will increase the value of your home, and your lifestyle. Call Mike 416-560-9501 self portrait

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  1. 11 Randolph Dr Maple , Ontario L6A 0Z8
    Posted on January 19, 2011 by admin

    This job was a complete design build project from begining to end because it was a brand new home with only grass as their landscaping. The job ended up with no grass at all. The design was from a local designer and i was one of three contractors to bid on the job, but this time i got the job due to availability, i was not the cheapest which is usually the case, i never claim to be the cheapest but you definitely get what you pay for, and people often feel comfortable knowing the job will be done to their satisfaction within the allotted time.

    I did make many changes to their original design for practical reasons, this is the problem with most designers because they don’t actually build the projects they design. The end result was another beautifully landscaped property by Paradise views landscaping, we enjoy the challenge of doing a complete landscape design build project and maybe we can do one for you just call Mike at 416-560-9501

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    Alright alright alright that’s exatcly what I needed!

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